A website is essential for any company. It is your cover letter in the digital world and must be designed intelligently. To create a good website you must be clear about the objectives of the company and specifically what you hope to achieve with the clients who visit your website.

Most of your competitors have been migrating to the digital world and it's time for you to stand out with your intuitive and great website. Having a good digital presence that is useful to your users will make you stand out from your competitors and get more customers and interaction.

What types of website designs can help you?

For website design, you must define what type of platform you need. There are many types of websites so you should look for the one that best suits your needs and objective.

  1. Corporate

If you are an agency, company, or freelancer, this type of website is perfect for you. Its purpose is to present the company and its services to generate future contact with customers. It is a classic corporate website that can even connect with emails to receive messages. Currently, they also connect with social networks to provide greater interaction.

The information on this website must be easy to understand and its main priority is to show everything that the company can do for its clients. Present the services and equipment, while offering the opportunity for the client to contact you. To make them more interactive, use news spaces, blogs, or even destination pages, and testimonials of what it is like to work with the company are added.

You must comply with additional search engine marketing measures.

  1. Portfolio

If you are an artist or work in the creative area, your website should function as your digital portfolio. The purpose is that your most striking and current works are shown here that make users interested in you.

The visual work must be creatively organized but above all, it must be easy to detail. It is an ideal type of website for designers, photographers, or artists. The graphic elements of this website include minimal designs and even a little amount of text. What we do recommend is that you completely customize your portfolio so that it shows who you are.

  1. Blog-Magazine

Companies in the entertainment industry, influencers, and bloggers are the main users of this type of website. Regular editorial information full of up-to-date news is usually posted here. The focus is mostly entertainment information, tutorials, and lifestyle analysis.

In some cases, the blog is created to generate customers who buy a specific product. This type of website creates a lot of traffic thanks to digital marketing. The content must be current and regular, so the design and interface are usually fast, dynamic, and full of colors and lots of movement.

  1. Microsites

Recommended for companies. They are generally websites with information or entertainment about a central product. Their themes are quite centralized since they are auxiliary platforms of the main web pages. It usually has very few subpages or even only has a main page where all the information is.

It is used for the promotion of a specific product. The design of the microsites is much more unusual and fun than the others. Since a certain product is the center of attention, then there is more creative freedom since there is not much to cover. Animations, videos, and other interactive resources can be included to generate a better user experience.

  1. Landing Page

This type of page has an advertising nature. They are landing pages so that the visitor can take a certain action on a product, mostly buy it. It does not have subpages and is even similar to a sales newsletter. Their current designs feature lots of great videos and graphics that encourage buying.

The user usually consumes the content and then should initiate a purchase process within the page. It is important to know that these types of pages generate good statistics that help improve sales for your company. Thus, you can overcome them.

  1. Online Store

Its name says it: it is for online stores. Digital commerce changed the rules of the game and now it is not necessary to have a physical store to sell your products. Online stores depend entirely on their web pages to have a good flow of purchases that generate statistics that allow them to generate corrective actions.

The difference with landing pages is that there is more than one product here and that there are even several subpages and a navigation menu. Here, users can buy directly and even use a "cart". This website uses content in the form of guides or articles that attract users from Google to buy from them.

  1. Web applications

This is not a website advertising a product: it is the product itself. Many technology companies have developed web applications that help with project management, accounting, idea generation, or even help create new products. Thanks to technological advances, it is much easier to use these applications since they do not require a download.

All these web applications can be used directly from the browser.

How to add originality to your website?

The secret to making your website stand out is for it to be full of personality. The website must transmit all the energy of the company through its colors and design. The use of colors is essential as it helps to better capture the attention of users. Including animations generates more interaction with the web page and makes people feel comfortable within the platform.

Something important in creating a website is how fast it can load. For users, it should be easy to see the website so that they can have a better experience and decide to buy, hire your services and enjoy all your content. The use of custom fonts and illustrations gives that special touch to the entire page so that it becomes a representative space for your entire company.


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