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What Type of Content Writer Do You Need for Your Business


Companies should always hire writers and editors based on the type of content needed to be created. Defining the purpose of the project and the goal it desires to achieve should be the key factor in identifying the right online freelance writing company. Understanding the difference between the numerous content types and identifying the right solution provider for the business is a must for the management. The following are a few examples of the different kinds of freelance writer companies offering expertise in a specific category of content creation.

•    Brand Journalist: As the name suggests, brand journalists are skilled in creating journalistic articles. They are more equipped in writing a constructive narrative for the brand in the form of news or magazine articles. These articles take a stance of natural storytelling than a hardcore sales pitch and product descriptions. For instance, consider an article describing the history of the company or a blog post highlighting stories of community involvement.

•    SEO Writer: Search Engine Optimized content is the need of the day as it is one of the deciding factors in improving rankings on Search Engine Result Pages. SEO expert writers are well trained in organically integrating keywords and phrases within the articles. As keyword-stuffing can result in penalties on SERPs, the best companies for freelance writers have writers and editors specialized in keyword research and placements.

•    Social Media Writer: Depending on the brand image, the content for social media needs to be informative, entertaining, or a combination of both. Also, the content needs to be tailored to match the requirements and idiosyncrasies of multiple social media platforms. The social media pro writers understand the workings of each platform and design content accordingly to boost interactions with the audience on social platforms.

•    Technical Writer: Technical content can be difficult to generate as it is requisite that the author must be thorough, methodical, detail-oriented, as well as efficient. Technical writers are required to create detailed guides, ‘How to’ blogs, FAQs, and other technical content. Companies need to seek out freelance writers who are thorough with the concept and are experienced in delivering technical content.

•    Advertising Copywriter: Writing content for advertisements can be tricky as the message needs to be short yet powerful. Advertising writers are experts in finding unique angles while keeping the piece concise. The creative writing service providers can offer write-ups to attract prospective clients via traditional media as well as to write influential copies for landing pages, online ads, etc.


Benefits of Hiring Freelancers/ Partnering with Writing Agencies

Hiring a professional writing service has several benefits to offer to businesses:

•    Teaming up with writing agencies boosts the content marketing strategies and helps build a positive image of the brand. 

•    Freelance writing agencies accommodate organizations to publish reliable, engaging, compelling content regularly. 

•    Professional writing services are known to create keyword-centric, well-written, and error-free product descriptions, web content, or blog to rank the clients’ websites higher on search engine result pages.

•    Professional writers are adaptable and can easily refine the content to match the tone of the brand. 

•    The best writers allow companies to build trust among their clients and business partners.

•    With the assistance of experienced writers, companies can save time and money. 

•    The expert writers are apt in creating unique and informative content that can effectively earn backlinks from authoritative websites.

•    Professional writing services agencies offer scalable solutions as per the company’s requirement.


Key Qualities to Look for in Freelancers

There are several essential skill sets that the top freelance writers possess. These qualities are critical to producing engaging content.

•    Adaptability: It is essential that the freelance content writers easily adjust to the tone of the business to develop appropriate content. 

•    Research Proficiency: For any freelance editor, it is important to possess impeccable research skills. This adds credibility and value to the work.

•    SEO Skills: Search Engine Optimization is a vital part of content marketing. The best freelance writers develop content that has strategically placed keywords that can help improve SEO rankings on SERPs.

•    Editing Skills: Proofreading and editing are important after writing drafts as that improves the writing quality. The top freelance editors can detect grammatical and factual errors rapidly and reduce the time spent on the feedback loop between them and the clients.

•    Social Media Analytics: Understanding social media is a must for freelance writers and writing companies. Social media analytics offer an insight within the behavior and needs of the audience and thereby create content that can enhance the reach of the content to the right audience.


How to Shortlist Freelance Writers?

While hiring professional writer services companies are a boon to businesses, finding the best companies for freelance writers can be a tedious job. There are certain key factors to assess before picking the right freelance writing agency.

•    Expertise: Businesses must pick writing companies depending on their field of expertise. Study what type of writing services are offered by the freelance writing business and what is their field of proficiency.

•    Location: Does the freelance writing company offer services in your location? Or are they restricted to their site of work? However, most online freelance writers can serve business needs worldwide.

•    Experience: The online freelance writer must have adequate experience in the writing industry. Experienced writers can better understand the requirements of the clients and deliver services as per the industry norms and standards.

•    Feedback: Before hiring freelance writers, inspect the feedback and reviews that they have received on their previous work. This offers insight into their positive and negative attributes.

•    Charges: Another deciding factor is considering how much the top freelance writer and editor charges for their service. Moreover, discuss whether they charge per-word, per-hour, or per-assignment as that determines how hiring professional writing services fits within your budget.

•    First Language: Companies might require content written in various languages such as in English, French, Mandarin, etc. Businesses must opt for writers whose first language is the one in which the article or blog needs to be written. This ensures the authenticity of the work that has been submitted. 

•    Portfolio: It is a critical part of the writer’s resume. The writer must have a portfolio containing the list of freelance writing opportunities they have grabbed. Decision-makers can easily assess the experiences writers have gained and what ideas they can bring into the organization.


How Can You Find the Best Partner for Your Writing Project?

After shortlisting the top online freelance writers, it is essential to scrutinize them to find the best candidate for the job. 

•    Communication: Lack of communication can endanger the entire project. Communicate regarding the ideas and goals planned for the article. Does the article have certain word limits or any specific keyword that needs to be included? An insight into the targeted audience might also aid writers to build the tone of the article. Finally, it is critical to hire a creative writing service provider who readily responds to any urgent messages and emails.

•    Receptive to feedback: Writing requirements can broadly vary, so it is a possibility that what the freelance writers offer can be very different from what the company demands. Writers should be open to constructive criticism; interviewing them on how they plan to handle any roadblocks faced during the project can offer an insight into their work ethics.

•    Availability: Professional writing services agency may have multiple tasks on hand, but their dedication to each project should be undivided. Inquiring freelance writing businesses regarding their workload and their availability towards your assignment is a must while finalizing the right contender. Companies must also communicate concerning the suitable timings to reach out to the writers to ensure the smooth completion of the project.


How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Content Writer?

Cost is an important factor while teaming up with online freelance writing agencies. The more experienced writers will inevitably charge more, although the experience of the writer matters when it comes to the type and quality of content required by the company. There are five different aspects on which the freelance writers are paid.
They are:

    By the Assignment (Flat Rate)
    By the Word
    By the Hour
    By the Page
    Retainer Fee

The estimated price range (per hour) charged by content writers of different experience slabs are as follows:

•    Beginners having experience of 0-3 years tend to charge between $1-30

•    Intermediate writers with experience of 3-7 years, generally charge $31-50

•    Professionals, with experience of at least 7 years, charge anywhere between $51-70

•    Expert writers, working for 15+ years, most likely charge over $70 for their work. 

The rates can vary based on the type, quantity, and patterns of content as well as the location of the freelance writer.

Since the demand for writing services have skyrocketed, more freelance writing companies and freelance writers have emerged. The task of finding the best companies for freelance writers can be extremely tedious. For this, we have compiled the following list of top online freelance writers and professional writing services agencies that can undoubtedly provide the writing solutions you require.


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